Welcome to my website. This site is for anyone who is interested in hiking, travel, writing, or bariatric surgery. Pretty broad spread, hey?
That's because this is a resource about things I am really passionate about. I'm passionate about other stuff too, but I probably won't bother to put that on the web...


I am an avid walker. I love enjoying the outdoors and taking time out in the bush. This site chronicles walks I have done and contains photos, descriptions, tips and links to interesting sites and information.


Whenever I travel I try to keep a journal. I travel a bit, but not as much as I’d like to. Go here for a collection of stories and travel tips.

Short stories

Not all my writing is about bushwalking and travel. I sometimes write short stories for a bit of fun. This is a collection of my favourites.

Bariatric Surgery

I’ve always been active, but I haven’t always been normal weight. This site details my very personal journey. It is a "warts and all" story which I have put here to help other people with obesity issues understand that they are not alone. It also links to important information that can help anyone struggling with obesity or who cares about someone who is.